Hello and welcome to The Fashion Eclectic!

My name is Abel Csekes and I am a fashion student at the London College of Fashion. I have created this space to share my views on topics and trends that interest me and other people, but then there is that adjective which is Eclectic. Why this? I consider my style Eclectic in many ways. The way I dress, listen to music or the way I cook. Eclectic has a lot of different definitions and it has been used in art, architecture etc. I like to put that being Eclectic means when you combine various different pieces of clothing when dressing up, or seasonings in cooking that would not necessarily come from same categories.

The fashion industry is going through major changes these days. It is becoming more inclusive, editors of magazines depart, creative directors of fashion brands leave and new talents emerge. The expansion of diversity and being inclusive is attracting more people, which I think is amazing. There are still things that should be done, so why not join me on the road?

I will be posting new articles on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. These articles will include outfits, comments about the fashion industry, food recipes and style guides. The frequency of the posts may change from time to time but do not worry, you will be informed about these changes. Until then, please stay tuned because there is more to come, I promise that to you.

The Fashion Eclectic.